#TSM | After nearly 2 years of preparation we are happy to finally give you a tour of the most expensive gaming facility in the world, TSMs Esports performance center! Join @TSMFTX ImperialHal, @Daltoosh, @QTCinderella and other familiar faces in the various rooms of the facility and experience what it really means to be a member of TSM.

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Main Lobby
01:08 – The Red Room
01:40 – The Office Pit
02:10 – Employee Kitchen
02:41 – Logitech G Room
03:14 – Wellness Area
03:52 – Merch Room
04:34 – Talent Lobby
04:52 – LCS Scrim Room
05:06 – Lenovo Lounge
05:34 – The Gym
05:56 – Player’s Kitchen
06:31 – Content Studio
06:54 – Stream Rooms
07:14 – Outro

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“TSM is North America’s gold standard” ~ ESPN
“Ranked #1 Most Valuable Esports Company In The World” ~ FORBES

We are the best esports org in the USA. With a passion for gaming, entertaining, and winning. From League of Legends to Valorant to Rainbow Six Siege and beyond, we have championship calibre pro teams and wildly popular streaming influencers. To all our dedicated fans, and all our future fans: Thank you for joining us on this journey. We promise we’ll always do our best, to be the best. And together, let’s build the future of gaming. TSM.

#esports #MostExpensive

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